Senate Republicans round out leadership team with Deputy Leader and two more Assistant Leaders

Senate Republicans today announced the final additions to their leadership team. Sen. Michelle Benson is elevated to Deputy Leader, and Sen. Warren Limmer and Sen. Eric Pratt will serve as Assistant Leaders.

Sen. Benson is the Chair of the Health and Human Services Finance and Policy Committee, Sen. Limmer is the Chair of Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee, and Sen. Pratt is the Chair of the E-12 Policy Committee.

The full leadership team is as follows:

Senator Paul Gazelka, Senate Majority Leader
Senator Jeremy Miller, Senate President
Senator Michelle Benson, Deputy Leader
Senator Gary Dahms, Assistant Leader
Senator Karin Housley, Assistant Leader
Senator John Jasinski, Assistant Leader
Senator Warren Limmer, Assistant Leader
Senator Eric Pratt, Assistant Leader