Senator Newman to vote to keep Minnesota open

As the Minnesota Senate continues legislation to keep state government funded in the event of a legislative stalemate, Senator Scott Newman (R-Hutchinson) issued the following statement:

“We are coming to the end of the legislative session and budget negotiations between the Senate, the House, and the governor have temporarily reached an impasse – primarily because the governor wants to spend significantly more than the Senate and fund that spending with tax increases.

“Because we have a constitutional mandate to adjourn on Monday, May 20, it has become imperative that we pass a continuing appropriation in order to keep Minnesota open. Relying on the judicial branch to fund essential, core services to prevent a shutdown is no longer an option. On November 16, 2017, the Minnesota Supreme Court held that the Minnesota Constitution does not allow the judiciary to order funding for the legislative branch in absence of an appropriation.

“If the governor and the legislature are unable to agree on an appropriation, I will vote to approve the continuing appropriation bill, as the only other alternative would be a shutdown. I vote to keep Minnesota open without supporting the governor’s massive tax increases.”

Senator Scott Newman, of Hutchinson, represents communities in McLeod, Meeker, Sibley, and Swift counties in the Minnesota Senate. Senator Newman serves as chair of the Transportation Finance and Policy Committee.

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