Sen. Newman: Glad Gov. Walz chose to give schools flexibility on reopening, but late decision does a disservice to families and educators

Minnesota state Senator Scott Newman (R-Hutchinson) today issued the following statement in response to Gov. Tim Walz’s announcement providing guidance to schools on reopening.

“I am pleased with the direction the governor chose today, but there is still room to give more authority to local schools. The so-called ‘matrix’ is an unnecessary addition that the governor will use it to overrule local officials. As we have said for weeks, rather than a statewide mandate forcing schools to reopen using the same protocols, every district should be given the flexibility to do what is best for their own communities. Experts like the American Association of Pediatrics and the director of the CDC all agree that it’s best for students to be physically present in classrooms. Local school officials understand their communities better than anyone in St. Paul, and they should be able to reopen if at all possible.

“In addition, this decision should have been announced weeks ago so students, parents, and teachers would have adequate time to prepare. Parents and educators have been craving clarity, but they still don’t have it. The late announcement does a disservice to families and educators across Minnesota.”