Sen. Nelson’s bipartisan bill to lower cost of dialysis medication unanimously passes MN Senate

Bipartisan legislation chief-authored by Senator Carla Nelson (R-Rochester) to hold down the cost of end stage renal disease dialysis medication unanimously passed the Minnesota State Senate. The bill amends the Pharmacy Practice Act to allow manufacturers of home dialysis drugs, supplies, and devices to be exempted from having an extra pharmacist at the distribution center if they maintain control of all products from manufacturing to the patient.

“This is a commonsense bill that eliminates an unneeded and costly step in the process of delivering badly needed dialysis medication to patients in need,” said Senator Nelson. “If a Minnesota licensed pharmacist packs the dialysate at the point of manufacturing, there is no need for another pharmacist at the point of distribution, which simply adds to the cost of the final product. I am committed to finding ways to cut the cost of health care for patients.”

Currently, 27 others states have adopted a similar provision. The bill also unanimously passed the Minnesota House of Representatives. It now heads to Governor Walz for his signature.