Sen. Nelson receives 2019 MN Charter School Champion Award

Recognized as a leader on charter school issues and legislation

Senator Carla Nelson received the 2019 Minnesota Charter School Champion Award from the Minnesota Association of Charter Schools. Specifically, the award recognizes her efforts in authoring and championing into law legislation to restore lease aid for charter school students attending Post-Secondary Enrollment (PSEO) courses.

“In the Senate Education Committee, we focus on students and fund what works. And, charter schools work,” said Senator Nelson, Chair of the Senate E-12 Education Committee. “Charter schools provide an additional choice for parents in choosing what fits best for their children. I will continue to champion charter schools as an integral part of public education in Minnesota.”

In addition to her efforts during the last legislative session regarding lease aid, Senator Nelson has been an ongoing champion of charter schools and their equitable treatment regarding school safety revenue and special education funding. Nelson also authored legislation to codify multi-measurement accountability contracts for charter schools that serve significant populations of Graduation Incentives Eligible Students, which are students that have experienced difficulty in the traditional education system and enroll in alternative programs that meet their needs.

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