Sen. Draheim leads Senate Homeownership Committee on second leg of affordable homeownership tour

Draheim and fellow senators toured Minnesota home manufacturers and developments

Senator Rich Draheim, Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Homeownership Affordability and Availability, led his fellow committee members on a tour of various sites related to the manufacturing and development of housing in Minnesota. Specifically, the committee visited Carpentry Contractors Company (CCC), a 350-employee company based in Montrose, MN that provides professional residential builders pre-built wall and floor panels for the construction of new homes. The pre-built components, constructed using “green” processes, reduce jobsite waste 75 percent and speed up on-site construction by 25 percent, ultimately resulting in a more affordable home.

“As we continue to focus on increasing affordable homeownership in Minnesota, the ability to see firsthand innovative solutions that reduce costs for builders and consumers will allow our committee to better understand what legislative changes need to take place,” said Senator Draheim.

While at the CCC production facility, the committee members viewed workers designing and building pre-cut stair assemblies and pre-built walls panels. CCC builds panels for up to sixteen homes daily. After seeing the panels constructed, the committee stopped at a panelization development in Minnetrista to view fully constructed homes that utilized the innovative process. Given the current shortage of construction labor, the less labor-intensive panel method allows contractors to decrease costs, thereby saving homeowners money.

In addition to the panelization site, committee members visited a townhome development in Maple Grove.  As the committee investigates different ways to expand affordable homeownership, townhomes represent a typically less-expensive option, potentially beneficial to the growing senior population in Minnesota due to less required maintenance.

“While every Minnesotan benefits from affordable homeownership, we all share different needs,” added Senator Draheim. “Using an all-of-the-above approach in tackling homeownership affordability allows us to develop a multifaceted solution that fits not only every region of our state, but individuals at all stages of life, from raising a family to retirement. I look forward to continuing our bipartisan work that aims to increase affordable homeownership opportunities for all, across Minnesota.”