Senator Rosen attends Minnesota Supreme Court visit to Fairmont

The highest court in Minnesota was in Fairmont on Tuesday and Wednesday for one of their regular visits to communities throughout Minnesota. The event, titled “An Informal Evening with the Minnesota Supreme Court,” offered residents an opportunity to meet the state’s Supreme Court Justices as well as a number of local judges. The event was capped by an informational program about the judicial system.

The Supreme Court also heard arguments for a real case in the Fairmont High School Performing Arts Center the morning of October 9. This special program offered students an opportunity to witness the Court at work and interact with the justices through several assembly and classroom opportunities scheduled throughout the day.

“One of the great things about living in Minnesota is how accessible government is,” said Senator Julie Rosen (Vernon Center), who represents Fairmont. “Every branch of state government regularly hits the road so citizens in every corner of the state can get a close-up of their government. I am thankful the Supreme Court chose to visit Fairmont; it was a terrific experience for the students and our community.”

Since 1995, the Court has visited locations across the state to hear from the people it serves and foster citizens’ understanding of the Judicial Branch. This visit to Fairmont marked the Court’s 50th community visit.