Senator Pratt response to Gov. Walz business restrictions: ‘Gov must immediately show us a plan of how he is going to protect families, businesses, and jobs’

Minnesota State Senator Eric Pratt (R-Prior Lake) released the following statement in response to reports that Gov. Walz will announce tonight a new round of business restrictions and closures for the next month:

“COVID is serious, and we mourn with the families of the 3,000 neighbors who lost their lives. So far, Governor Walz has managed the state’s response entirely on his own. He has gotten everything he has wanted from Day 1, yet we still have significant community spread. We have tried lockdowns, but it seems like the only thing they accomplished was to wipe out Main Street small businesses and eliminate thousands of jobs. 

“If the governor has evidence the last lockdown actually worked – not just correlation or speculation, but hard evidence, he should be transparent and show us. Because for many Minnesotans, it simply looks as though virus faded during the warm summer months and came back when it got cold again — just as everyone predicted. We should have been prepared for this, and another round of lockdowns won’t change that.

“Minnesotans can’t afford another round of closures; they’re barely making it as it is. Since April I’ve asked the Governor to take a more balanced approach and to flatten the curve on the economic crisis at the same time he is managing the spread of Covid-19. If the governor insists on traveling down this path, then he must immediately show us a plan of how he is going to protect families, businesses and jobs. What does the end look like? How do we measure success in defeating Covid-19? The governor owes Minnesotans at least that much. 

According to reports, Gov. Walz tonight will announce new restrictions, to last for four weeks, that includes the following:

  • Gyms closed
  • Bars and Restaurants, bowling alleys, movie theaters will only be open for takeout
  • Indoor youth sports will be “paused” 

Outdoor sports, retail stores, salons, dental offices, and other health-care related businesses will not be affected by the new restrictions.