Senator Miller statement in support of protecting electronic pull tabs for local charities and hospitality businesses

Minnesota Senate President Jeremy Miller (R-Winona) today issued a statement making clear his opposition to any changes to the state’s electronic pulltab (e-pulltab) gaming rules that would negatively impact charitable organizations or the establishments that participate in those games.

“Over the past couple weeks, I have been hearing from many constituents on the issue of e-pull tabs and I want to make it clear that I do not support any changes to current law that would negatively affect local charities or the small hospitality businesses who participate in e-pull tabs. 

 “I was involved in the bipartisan agreement back in 2012 to allow e-pull tabs and bingo as a funding source for the state’s share of the Minnesota Vikings stadium. After being in law for almost a decade, and a recent Administrative Law Judge ruling stating that electronic pull tabs don’t violate the tribal gaming monopoly in Minnesota, I was surprised to see the issue come up this session. The e-pull tabs have been incredibly successful and help support charitable organizations across the state of Minnesota. I will not jeopardize that success by supporting the currently proposed changes to the law regarding e-pull tabs.”