Senator Limmer responds to calls for gun reform hearings

Senator Latz:

Thank you for your letter asking for interim hearings on legislation regarding red flag laws and expanded background checks for purchasing firearms. We too are moved by the recent tragic events in El Paso and Dayton that took the lives of so many innocent civilians. 

As you know, the Conference Committee for the Omnibus Judiciary and Public Safety Finance Bill spent almost three hours hearing testimony and debate on these proposals on May 14,2019. The red flag and expanded background checks failed to receive majority support from the conference committee that day and I wonder if there is anything new in your proposals and testimony that would produce a different result.

That being said, I am not against the idea of interim hearings of the Judiciary Committee regarding public safety issues. I am aware of your bills and several other proposals from Senators regarding this topic. As I’ve said consistently regarding gun legislation – I am most interested in ideas that will actually produce results and have broad bi-partisan support. With the 2020 regular session beginning in February, there is ample time to thoughtfully consider interim hearings on this and other topics.

It is my sincere hope we can work together to find solutions that work for the people of Minnesota.

Thank you,


Sen. Warren Limmer
Chair, Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Finance Committee