Senator Koran, Senate Republicans vote to keep Minnesota open

The end-of-session deadline is fast approaching, and this afternoon, Senator Koran (R-North Branch), with Senate Republicans, just passed a bill to fund state operations if negotiations with the House and Governor reach a stalemate and the government enters a shutdown.

Senator Koran stated, “We owe it to all of you back home to have a plan in place if a budget is not agreed to in time. A government shutdown would have devastating effects on families, businesses, and day-to-day life and we want to prevent that from happening. It is in the best interest of the state that we fully fund the operations needed to keep Minnesota running smoothly.”

Roads, prisons, schools, parks, and more are funded by state government. Senator Koran added, “This is a proactive measure to ensure that the services we rely on have the funding they need to continue operating.”