Senator Kiffmeyer asks Secretary of State Steve Simon for detailed information on 2020 election integrity and security

Minnesota Senate State Government and Elections Chairwoman Mary Kiffmeyer (R-Big Lake) today sent a letter to Secretary of State Steve Simon requesting comprehensive details regarding the conduct of Minnesota’s 2020 primary and general elections. The information will help state leaders identify opportunities to improve election accountability, safety, security, and integrity.

“By now we have all heard anecdotal reports of irregular election activity, questions on software, equipment malfunctions and other concerns during this year’s election,” said Sen. Kiffmeyer. “The kind of things that we have a responsibility to review so all Minnesotans can know how this election was conducted and make every security and accountability improvement we can. The integrity of our republic depends on it.”

Among the requests Senator Kiffmeyer made of Secretary Simon:

  • Communications and other documentation related to consent decrees in partisan court challenges that subverted the will of the legislature and changed existing election statutes
  • Information on absentee and mail ballots, including how these ballots were processed
  • Information on the hardware and software used to collect and tabulate ballots, including what vendors are being used, the state of voting equipment, security checks and protocols used, and more 
  • Documentation related to CARES Act expenditures to provide accountability and transparency

Read the letter here.