Senator Goggin outlines early session priorities as legislature reconvenes

State Senator Mike Goggin (R-Red Wing) outlined his early session priorities Tuesday, as he and other legislators returned to work at the capitol for the beginning of the 2019 session. Sen. Goggin indicated he will continue focusing on priorities that affect working Minnesotans, such as improving child care affordability and access, supporting individuals and families struggling with mental health issues, eliminating waste and fraud within state government, and aligning Minnesota’s tax code with recent federal changes.

“All summer and fall, I traveled the district, attended events, and met with constituents about the issues that are on their minds,” said Sen. Goggin. “The concerns of the people I represent weigh heaviest on my mind. The citizens of Senate District 21 trusted me to represent them in St. Paul, and I will always make sure to put their needs first.”

The first five priorities unveiled by Senate Republicans are as follows:

  • Supporting mental health – Senate Republicans promise a stronger legislative response to the growing problem families are facing regarding mental health, especially in our schools and on the farm.
  • Making child care more accessible and affordable – During statewide listening sessions over the summer, Senate Republicans heard from struggling parents and day care providers. New legislation will address the regulatory overreach that causes these problems and encourage new child care providers to start up.
  • Lowering health care costs – Senate Republicans will build upon their recent success in lowering health insurance premiums by offering new proposals that allow patients more freedom to choose their doctor, shop around for the best value for their health care dollar, and make health care billing more transparent.
  • Making government more effective and accountable, and eliminating fraud – Senate Republicans will introduce several proposals to hold government more accountable and stop wasting money in the areas of child care fraud, MNLARS and other statewide IT failures.
  • Making our tax code simpler and fairer – In addition to making tax filing easier by conforming to the new federal tax law, the Senate Republicans’ proposal will simplify the tax code and reduce taxes for Minnesota families.

Sen. Goggin will continue serving as vice chair of the Senate Agriculture, Rural Development, and Housing Policy Committee. In addition, he will serve on the Agriculture, Rural Development, and Housing Finance Committee, the Energy Committee, the Jobs Committee, and the Veterans Committee.

Sen. Goggin can be reached by phone at 651-296-5612, by email at; or at his office in room 3203 of the Minnesota Senate Building, 95 University Ave, St Paul.