Senator Draheim, Senate, Present Bonding Bill Focused on Infrastructure, Transportation, and Projects to Boost to Economy

Senate Republicans presented their bonding bill to Minnesota today. Totaling $998 million in general obligation bonds, plus $400 million for trunk highway bonds, the bill focuses on crucial infrastructure needs, projects that will get Minnesotans working, preserve the state’s assets, and stimulate the economy. The bonding dollars for roads and bridges, airports, and freight rail will provide safe and fast transportation for commerce, education, recreation and townships.

“Bonding is a critical priority for this session, and the legislation proposed by the Senate makes significant investments in transportation and critical infrastructure that will help all Minnesotans,” said Senator Rich Draheim (R-Madison Lake). “The bill presented today was built as a result of visiting many projects and substantial consideration of the worthiness of each project. Minnesotans can be assured that the Senate continues to plan responsibly for our state’s future by making the right investments for our state.”

Keeping a heavy focus on infrastructure, there are $688 million total bonds for transportation projects, $203 million for water treatment and infrastructure for communities to access clean water, and $105 million in economic development grants. To support higher education asset preservation – the maintenance of buildings and learning environments, $170 million is split equally between the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State Universities.

Click here for the Bill Summary Spreadsheet.