Senator Carrie Ruud, Minnesota Senate Pass Bill with Bipartisan Support to Protect Students’ Rights to Education

The Minnesota Senate today passed legislation that would remove any governor’s authority to close schools or alter school schedules via executive order. Decisions about opening and closing will be left in the hands of individual school districts moving forward, where local officials have firsthand knowledge of their students’ needs.

“Our kids absolutely need to be back in classrooms,” said Senator Carrie Ruud (R-Breezy Point). “Our local districts are equipped to make these choices for their staff and students—they shouldn’t have to wait for an answer from St. Paul. Evidence already suggest that schools pose a minimal risk for spreading coronavirus, we need to trust our local school boards to get their staff and students back in the classrooms.”

The bill ensures that moving forward, no governor may use executive order authority to issue any order or to authorize the commissioner of education to alter school schedules, curtail school activities, or order schools closed.