Senator Carla Nelson refuses pay during special legislative session

Sen. Nelson refuses per diem and mileage compensation during May 24-25 special session

The 2019 legislative session required a one day special session to pass the bipartisan, balanced Minnesota state budget. Senator Carla Nelson (R-Rochester) refused per diem pay and mileage reimbursement.

The Governor, Majority Leader of the Senate, and Speaker of the House set May 6 as the deadline for agreeing on the state budget and how to pay for it. This self imposed deadline was an innovative step towards an orderly conclusion of session. However, the global budget agreement did not come until the day before the constitutional adjournment date and necessitated a one day special session.

“While I am pleased we reached a bipartisan agreement, I have refused special session per diem and mileage,” said Senator Nelson, who serves as Chair of the Senate E-12 Education Committee.