Senator Anderson votes for grants to support day service providers

The Minnesota Senate passed funding for retention grants to help day service providers, employment service providers, and other similar entities stay open despite the financial strain of closures necessitated by COVID-19. The pandemic brought about a significant loss of business to these providers. They have had virtually no income as their clients had to stay home rather than congregate at the facilities.

In response, this bill provides about $20 million in grants, designating two-thirds of one month of revenue to providers around the state. This will not make them whole as many have not been able to operate for months, but it should provide some stability.

“Over the last few months providers in our district have asked for help to stay open as they have had little income throughout COVID-19,” said Senator Bruce Anderson (R-Buffalo). “These grants will make a substantial difference to many people in Minnesota who rely on providers for excellent quality of life and opportunities to contribute to their communities. I admire the mission of day service and employment providers and will continue to ensure they receive the support they need to continue their valuable work.”