Sen. Rosen: House Democrats should be ashamed for playing political games with COVID assistance

Today, Democrats in the Minnesota House of Representatives will break a compromise to fairly distribute federal COVID aid to communities across Minnesota. That compromise had previously been agreed to by all four legislative leaders after comprehensive negotiations. It passed the Senate 62-4 on Tuesday, but House Democrats on Wednesday will approve a last-minute amendment adding the governor’s supplemental budget to the bill.

Senate Finance Committee Chair Julie Rosen (R-Vernon Center) issued the following statement in response:

“House Democrats and Gov. Walz should be ashamed for turning their backs on Minnesota’s counties, cities, and townships. Local units of government across the state badly need help rebuilding from a COVID outbreak that the governor predicted would be dire, and legislators from both parties worked hard to come up with a plan to get them assistance as fast as possible.

“House Democrats need to stop the games, honor the compromise we all negotiated, and put Minnesotans first.”