Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen: Mille Lacs Lake residents deserve to be heard

Greg Thomas, a resort owner on Mille Lacs Lake, was recently quoted in the news saying his profits have dropped 75% in recent years due to walleye fishing restrictions, a sentiment echoed by many small business owners in the vicinity. A meeting was scheduled with Governor Dayton to express their concerns, but the governor cancelled the meeting after a few fishermen peacefully protested his fishing trip last week. Governor Dayton defended the cancellation, saying he didn’t want to reinforce the fishermen’s “destructive behavior.” This reaction stands in stark contrast to the governor’s willingness to meet with protestors who block freeways. Earlier this year, he even vetoed a bill that would stiffen penalties for blocking freeways during protests.

“I am disappointed in the governor’s double standard,” said Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen (R-Alexandria), Chairman of the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Finance Committee. “The governor has gone out of his way to meet with protestors who illegally blocked freeways, even after more than twenty peace officers were injured during a protest on I-94 last year. Now, he’s calling a few fishermen peacefully protesting his fishing trip ‘destructive’ and refusing to hear their concerns. All Minnesotans should have an equal opportunity to be heard by their governor.”

Senator Ingebrigtsen welcomes constituents to contact his Capitol office at 3207 Minnesota Senate Buidling, 95 University Avenue West, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155, by phone at 651-297-8063, or by email at