Governor has left businesses out in the cold

(ST. PAUL, MN) –Senator Michelle Benson (R-Ham Lake) and Senator Eric Pratt (R- Prior Lake) released videos critical of Governor Tim Walz’s delays to announce re-opening plans for businesses closed on November 21 by Executive Order 20-99 in a timely fashion. Walz issued Executive Order 20-103 and continued the shutdown of bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues, on December 16, just two days before EO 20-99 was set to expire.

Last week, the senators sent a letter to the governor requesting he decide by today, Monday, January 4, giving businesses a full week to adequately prepare and plan to open on January 11, the date EO 20-103 expires.

Watch Senator Benson’s video

Watch Senator Pratt’s video

Senator Pratt: [Governor Walz] has to let bars and restaurants know today whether they can reopen or not next week. He said he understands and empathizes with what they’re going through. But by not responding to them today, he doesn’t. He needs to put his pride aside and let them know whether or not they can open next week.

Senator Benson: [The Governor] either doesn’t know or doesn’t care about what takes to operate a restaurant in Minnesota. If he’s going to open them, he needs to tell them today… so they be safely prepared to serve customers and keep that part of the economy going as we continue to respond to the pandemic.