Gazelka: Higher April revenues means we need to put the taxpayer first

“With the state taking in $489 million more than expected in April, it’s very hard to look Minnesotans in the eye and tell them we need more revenue for the next budget,” said Majority Leader Paul Gazelka. “The state now has an additional $573 million (3.1%) more than expected so far this year. This forecast proves we don’t need a gas tax, a sick tax, or additional income and business taxes to fund the priorities of Minnesotans. Especially since Gov. Walz’s own Department of Revenue showed that lower and middle-income Minnesotans would be hit hardest by his tax increases. There’s plenty of money to cover schools, healthcare, public safety, and transportation. 

“Minnesotans are already making historic investments into the state and we continue to see more than expected in the forecasts because of their sacrifices. We need to put the taxpayer first as we determine budget targets in the next 10 days.”

The forecast says the Department of Revenue has taken in $3.344 billion in April alone, or 17% more than expected. In total, the state has collected $18.857 billion in 2019, which is $573 million (3.1) above the original forecast. 

View the Minnesota Management and Budget forecast

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