The COVID pandemic tested us like never before.

More than 6,500 Minnesotans lost their lives. Businesses were shuttered. Thousands lost their jobs.

But Minnesotans are resilient. They have held strong in the face of a worldwide pandemic and showed care and compassion to their neighbors. They endured constant changes from Governor Walz to everything from school and business closures all the way down to how many people could gather in their backyard. They took care of their neighbors when they were sick. They helped businesses keep their doors open when they were struggling themselves. Even now, they are using social media to help complete strangers find vaccines. These folks deserve recognition.

These are our COVID heroes.

Senator Paul Gazelka’s COVID heroes:
People over 65
Senator Michelle Benson’s COVID heroes:
Moms and Dads
Senator Roger Chamberlain’s COVID heroes:
Senator Zach Duckworth’s COVID heroes:
Teachers, first responders, and medical professionals
Senator Mary Kiffmeyer’s COVID heroes:
Senator Mark Koran’s COVID heroes:
Food shelves across Minnesota
Senator Warren Limmer’s COVID heroes:
Boston Scientific
Senator Jeremy Miller’s COVID heroes:
Critical workers
Senator Carla Nelson’s COVID heroes:
Critical workers and health care innovators
Senator Jason Rarick’s COVID heroes:
Bar and restaurant owners and workers
Senator Julie Rosen’s COVID heroes:
Telehealth providers
Senator David Tomassoni’s COVID heroes:
College instructors