ALERT: Public hearings on California Cars Feb. 22 and Feb 23

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency announced this week that they will conduct two hearings soon where the public will be able to provide feedback about proposed California car rules:

Public hearing for the Clean Cars Minnesota rulemaking

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is working to adopt a new rule to reduce vehicle emissions and make more electric vehicles available to consumers in Minnesota, known as the Clean Cars Minnesota rulemaking.

The next step in the rulemaking process is a virtual public hearing, conducted by the presiding administrative law judge (ALJ), Judge Palmer-Denig. This hearing is another opportunity for you to submit comments and ask questions.

  • February 22 and 23, 2021
  • Beginning at 3 p.m. both days
  • The queue for submitting comments will open when the hearing starts, and not before
  • Hearing will continue until all parties are heard, or until the ALJ adjourns the hearing (no earlier than 6 p.m.)
How to participate online

For video and audio connection to the hearing, join the Webex meeting online using a device with an internet connection (like a computer or tablet) by following the links below.

Once the hearing begins, you can indicate that you would like to make a comment using the Q&A chat function in Webex. The ALJ will provide directions during the hearing.

How to participate by phone

For audio connection only, you can join the hearing by phone: 415-655-0003.

  • February 22, 2021 access code: 146 390 3023
  • February 23, 2021 access code: 146 796 0499

To indicate that you’d like to make a comment during the hearing:

  • Press *3 to notify the host
  • Also send an email to with your first name, last name, and the telephone number you are calling from – if possible

The host will place you into the queue for comments, and will unmute your line when it is your turn to speak.

How to submit your feedback if you cannot participate:

How to share your feedback during the notice period

There are two methods you can use to ask questions, propose changes to the rule, or share your views. You can choose one or use both methods.

  1. Write it down and submit as a comment through the Office of Administrative Hearings e-comments website, or by fax or mail according to the instructions in the notice.
  2. Attend the public hearing online and ask your question, share your suggested changes, or voice your opinions there.

Whether you submit a formal written comment or give testimony at the public hearing, your feedback will be considered equally by the ALJ.