Protecting Minnesota wages

The federal tax changes lower rates for 90% of Minnesotans, but expose more income to state income taxes. Without legislative changes, Minnesota families and small businesses will overpay $459 million this biennium and $1.1 billion next biennium.

Making taxes simpler

The federal tax changes make filing simple for nine out of ten Minnesotans. Without legislative changes, Minnesotans will be filing their federal taxes on a postcard but hiring an accounting firm for their state taxes.

Growing the economy

The federal tax changes are already making an impact on the U.S. economy. Without legislative changes, Minnesota will fall behind other states like Wisconsin, Iowa and North and South Dakota.

Caring for people

    • Making schools safer – funding to help districts with security improvements for their schools, and change state regulations that restrict fire evacuation procedures.
    • Ending elder abuse – demanding more oversight and accountability at the Department of Health so that incidents of elder abuse are properly investigated.
    • Demanding fixes to the failed ‘MNLARS’ DMV system – holding the Dayton administration accountable until licenses and tabs are delivered to drivers in an efficient manner.
    • Making childcare more accessible – removing burdensome regulations that are contributing to the decline in access to childcare, especially in Greater Minnesota.
    • Investing in mental health – funding mental health crisis centers to reduce the impact on jails and emergency rooms.
    • Preventing opioid abuse – building on successful programs that emphasize community involvement along with treatment, prevention, and after care for people battling addiction.
    • Making health care costs transparent – empowering consumers with the information they need to make better choices about their health care costs.

Investing in infrastructure

The Senate bonding bill will feature maintaining state assets and investing in essential local needs such as road and bridge safety projects, wastewater treatment upgrades, and asset preservation.  Mental health crisis centers will also receive the funding necessary to better respond to emergency situations.

We hear you.

On the issues, your voice matters.

Minnesota Senate Republicans are Advancing Minnesota