Senator Ruud Recognized for Her Dedication to Companion Animals

The Animal Humane Society presented Senator Carrie Ruud (R-Breezy Point) with the 2020 Animal Advocate Award, recognizing her dedication to the welfare of companion animals. This year, Senator Ruud authored Senate File 3481, the Companion Animal Board bill, which would establish a panel of members who would work in conjunction with the current Board of Animal Health. With the advent of service animals, therapy animals, rescue animals, and animal fostering, it is important to take extra measures to protect and promote the welfare, social well-being, and physical and mental health of companion animals. Although the bill did not pass into law this year, Senator Ruud remains committed to championing this initiative again next year.

Kathy Mock, Chief Government Affairs & Community Engagement Officer of the Animal Humane Society said, “We appreciate your leadership and the work you do to create a more humane world for animals!”

“The Animal Humane Society is dedicated to ensuring companion animals receive the care and love they deserve, and I am proud to partner with them,” said Senator Ruud. “We will continue to advocate for the humane treatment of all animals, including those loyally providing priceless support and assistance to their owners.”