Senator Rarick responds to Governor Walz’s proposed tax and spend budget

On Tuesday, Gov. Walz announced his proposed two-year budget. The budget includes $52.4 billion in spending and calls for $1.64 billion in new taxes on Minnesotans

Senator Jason Rarick (R-Pine City) released the following statement in response to the Governor’s budget announcement:   

“COVID-19 has had a disastrous effect on this state,” said Sen. Rarick.  “The pandemic has hampered our economy, and based on the most recent projection, our state is now facing a substantial budget shortfall. As our state works to get back on track, we cannot afford Governor Walz’s proposed tax increases or increased government spending without any sign of reform.

“Minnesotans have already been through enough, and a tax increase on working families is a non-starter. To get back on track, we need to reopen Minnesota and look inward for reform. Together, we can responsibly set Minnesota up for the future.”

Additionally,” Sen. Rarick continued. “ I hope that any federal COVID stimulus money that Minnesota receives goes to relief for residents and businesses. That money will not be available long term, and irresponsibly putting it towards new programs sets Minnesota up for future disaster.”