Senator Osmek votes to keep Minnesota open

This afternoon, Senator Osmek (R-Mound) voted in favor of a bill authored by Senator Chamberlain (R-Lino Lakes) that will fund state government operations if negotiations with the House and Governor reach a stalemate and the government is shut down.

Senator Osmek stated, “This is a proactive measure to ensure that if we enter a shut down we will have the means to keep our public safe and law enforcement funded, nursing homes running, and parks open.”

If a budget agreement is not reached by June 30, all state government funding would cease until a budget is passed. In 2017, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled in The Ninetieth Minnesota State Senate, et al., v. Mark B. Dayton that no legal mechanism exists to fund essential state government services outside of a legislative appropriation. As such, this legislation fully funds state government at the forecasted levels for the next two years – ensuring there is no lapse in funding for essential state government services.

The legislature is constitutionally-mandated to adjourn on Monday, May 20.

Roads, prisons, schools, parks, and more are funded by state government. A shutdown effects the day-to-day lives of people around the state. Senator Osmek added, “A divided government makes coming to a compromise particularly challenging. This bill serves as a back-up plan while we continue working on a new budget. Minnesotans deserve access to the services they rely on.”