Senator Mathews Advocates for 2nd Amendment Sanctuary in Mille Lacs County

(St. Paul- MN) Senator Andrew Mathews (R- Princeton) and Representative Sondra Erickson (R- Princeton) sent a joint letter to Mille Lacs County officials urging the creation of a Second Amendment sanctuary resolution this past week. The letter is a response to a large grassroots movement concerned with the gun-control measures taken in other states.

“Minnesota Democrats are never far behind the coastal states when it comes to social and constitutional legislation,” Sen. Mathews asserted. “Instead of always being on the defensive, I think we should turn the tables and do something proactive to protect our Second Amendment rights. Rep. Erickson and I have heard from a remarkable number of people in the district supporting this measure, and although I can’t guarantee anything on the county level, I have high hopes that this will be enacted.”

The move towards 2nd amendment sanctuary cities follows a rash of protests against gun control legislation all over the country. As Red Flag laws and Universal Background Check bills are floated by Minnesota Democrats, more counties are considering becoming sanctuaries. 

Sen. Andrews concluded, “It’s notable that the protests in Virginia were entirely peaceful. We all watched as huge, heavily armed crowds gathered with no issues reported. Gun owners should not be victimized for easily and freely exercising their rights to protection. As long as I am in office, I will fight infringement on the Second Amendment, and I’m proud that Mille Lacs County could be one of the first in the state to adopt a resolution.”