Senator Koran “pleased” with the release of COVID CARES act funding to Senate District 32

(St. Paul) – Today Governor Walz announced he would distribute the full $841 million in federal CARES funding to local entities. The distribution is according to the approved compromise legislation the Senate and House agreed to in the special session.

“I am very pleased that local governments in my district will receive vital recovery funding,” said Senator Mark Koran (R-North Branch). “The agreed-upon formula was shot down by the governor over extra spending during special session, but he is now inexplicably supporting it. I’m glad the money will get where it needs to go, but the governor’s actions in the past week now seem like a silly waste of time and resources.”

The compromise agreement distributed the local government funding fairly to Minnesota counties, cities, and towns based on a formula using their population. The Senate passed the agreed-upon legislation with nearly unanimous support during the special session. The legislation brought transparency and fairness to the distribution since the federal funds were not subject to legislative approval and could be spent unilaterally by Walz.

Minnesota received more than $2 billion from the federal government to help local governments, health professionals, and businesses fight COVID. That money went into an account called the Federal Coronavirus Relief Fund, so it could be quickly deployed to places it is needed most.

Below are the aid amounts for Senate District 32:

Isanti County: $4,842,859

Braham: $135,914
Town of Cambridge: $60,350
Cambridge City: $676,329
Dalbo: $19,375
Town of Isanti: $54,750
Isanti City: $454,377
Town of North Branch: $46,325
Oxford: $24,150
Spring Vale: $38,175
Stanchfield: $30,975
Wyanett: $43,950

Chisago County: $6,786,091

Amador: $22,725
Center: $46,862
Chisago Lake: $117,675
Chisago: $407,892
Fish Lake: $51,400
Harris: $87,244
Lent: $77,700
Lindstrom: $351,462
Nessel: $49,750
City of North Branch: $808,100
Rush City: $233,103
Rushseba: $20,250
Shafer: $27,050
Stacy: $114,819
Sunrise: $51,700
Taylors Falls: $77,148
Wyoming: $605,510