Senator Johnson’s statement on Rural Caucus letter to Governor Walz asking for reductions in Stay-at-Home Order for Greater Minnesota

The House and Senate Rural Caucus recently sent a letter to Governor Walz, urging him to reconsider his recent extension of the Stay-at-Home order. The Rural Caucus Letter addresses the unique circumstances found in rural Minnesota and why a blanket Stay-at-Home order my not be the proper response to the current situation.

Senator Mark Johnson (R-East Grand Forks) a signee of the letter issued the following statement: 

“We recognize the tremendous public health crisis that Minnesota is facing and the evolving situation the Governor’s administration is handling,” said Senator Johnson. “But we urge Governor Walz to recognize that Greater Minnesota has a much lower population density than the metro area, and will ultimately have a different risk profile. A blanket order for the entire state may not be the appropriate response for our citizens. Minnesota can preserve public health without a complete shutdown certainly, and the current guidelines should be modified to recognize the balance between safety and our economy.”

To read the full letter from the House and Senate Rural Caucus, click here.