Senator Jensen: Free speech carries the day

In late June, Senator Scott Jensen M.D. (R-Chaska) received notice from the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice that his license was under review after two allegations regarding public comments were filed against him. The first allegation was that his willingness to compare COVID-19 to influenza outbreaks constituted reckless advice. The second was that he spread misinformation by sharing his concern over the Department of Health’s advice about the completion of death certificates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Senator Jensen announced on July 27th that the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice had completed a thorough investigation and dismissed the allegations.

His statement:

“We are all entitled to our own reasoning. In a nation built on free speech, this right must be protected. But instead, today we are seeing an unprecedented intolerance for contrarian viewpoints.

“I was forced to respond to allegations from accusers I could not face. These people threatened to uproot my practice, my profession, and my life. But cancel culture didn’t win this time. I chose to stay in the fight, to remain vocal, and to dedicate my time to continue to spread truth rather than allow fearmongering to run amok. It was not easy, but the circumstances which propelled me to respond to unfair allegations were the same ones which necessitated my speaking out. A worldwide transparent dialogue was never something I imagined, but I believe it was healthy.

“So many folks sent notes, stopped me at the store, texted me, and sustained my family through this time of uncertainty. I thank everyone for engaging and declaring that a small group of people don’t get to tell the world at large what to think. This personal and painful journey provided a reminder for me that we must have the discipline to overcome groupthink by believing in ourselves.

“I am a family doc in the trenches, and I have always used my license to care for people. I am blessed to live out my calling every day and now, I am more thankful than ever to return to work tomorrow and greet my patients with this weight lifted.”