Senator Ingebrigtsen: Budget focuses on Minnesotans and their communities with no new taxes

On Monday, State legislative leaders and Governor Tim Walz announced a framework for a bipartisan budget agreement that doesn’t raise taxes on Minnesotans and limits the Governor’s ability to spend the federal funds received due to COVID. The deal includes a significant tax relief proposal that will include full tax relief for forgivable Paycheck Protection Program loans and pandemic unemployment benefits.

“Senate Republicans remain focused on protecting Minnesota families, seniors, main street businesses, and our communities,” Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen (R-Alexandria) said. “Our budget agreement ensues that Minnesotans face no new taxes while ensuring that we continue to make smart investments in education, transportation, and healthcare. While there is still policy and spending provisions to be negotiated, this is a budget Minnesotans should be proud of.”

The agreement gives lawmakers in the key conference committees until June 4 to wrap up spending priorities and policy provisions, with a special session to pass the final bills to occur around June 14. During that time Senate Republicans will continue to advocate for Minnesota Priorities, including education, transportation, and healthcare, while pushing for investments in public safety and the end of Governor Walz’s remaining emergency powers.