Senator Howe Supports the Bonding Bill; Prevents Money for MPLS/St Paul Riot Reconstruction

On Thursday, The Senate passed a bonding bill that makes critical investments in our roads and bridges and ensures that our public infrastructure receives the improvements it needs to support the people of Minnesota. The legislation passed does not provide funds to rebuild businesses that were damaged but will reimburse state law enforcement agencies for their work in quelling the riots this summer.

“This was not an easy vote,” Senator Jeff Howe (R-Rockville), “There were multiple reasons to vote no, as this will make next year’s budget discussions even more difficult, but our farmers and small businesses needed the Section 179 tax reform that has been discussed for at least a decade and the water and sewer projects needed to be funded.”

The legislation that passed also included bonding, tax, and budget provisions for the entire state. The bill invests in Minnesota’s critical infrastructure providing $300 million for wastewater treatment and $700 million for roads and bridges. Additionally, the legislation provides full, retroactive conformity to Section 179 of the federal tax code. This significant reform will allow farmers and other small business owners to deduct large equipment purchases.

Additionally, the counties will benefit from this legislation as it replenishes the Wetland Replacement Fund so local road projects can go forward. The bill also provides funding for local City projects in the Cities of St. Joseph, Sartell, and the Rocori Trail.  

The House passed the bill and adjourned, that left the Senate in position without the ability to amend the bill and send it back to the House or the normal Conference Committee process.  Any amendments would have essentially killed the bill as the House had gone home.