Senator Draheim, Senate Republicans announce Vision 2020 agenda

Minnesota Senate Republicans on Monday unveiled a Vision 2020 agenda aimed at strengthening family budgets, reducing health insurance and prescription drug costs, and a litany of other issues with the 2020 legislative session set to begin in a little more than a month.

Senator Rich Draheim (R-Madison Lake)  issued the following statement:

“Senate Republicans are headed back to St. Paul and with our 2020 agenda prepared to get back to work serving Minnesota families across this state. After a productive three years, we’ve had several months to get feedback from the residents of our districts. From what you’ve told us we’ve made progress, but that there is still more that we must get done. Your feedback has shaped our new agenda and encouraged us to focus on reducing the cost of health care, improving education, growing our economy,  fixing public infrastructure,  and increasing government accountability. With our plans now set, the Senate is prepared to work across the aisle to ensure that Minnesota starts the decade off on the right foot.”

You can read the full Vision 2020 agenda by clicking here.