Senator Benson praises the release of COVID CARES act funding to local entities

(St. Paul) – Today Governor Walz announced he would distribute the full $841 million in federal CARES funding to local entities. The distribution is according to the approved compromise legislation the Senate and House agreed to in the special session.

Senator Michelle Benson (R-Ham Lake) expressed happiness for her local governments, saying, “I am thrilled that my cities and counties will be receiving this much funding, despite the unnecessary delay. Thank you to Senator Julie Rosen for taking the lead and laying out a reasonable structure for the governor to follow.”

The compromise agreement distributed the local government funding fairly to Minnesota counties, cities, and towns based on a formula using their population. The Senate passed the agreed-upon legislation with nearly unanimous support during the special session. The legislation brought transparency and fairness to the distribution since the federal funds were not subject to legislative approval and could be spent unilaterally by Walz.

Minnesota received more than $2 billion from the federal government to help local governments, health professionals, and businesses fight COVID. That money went into an account called the Federal Coronavirus Relief Fund, so it could be quickly deployed to places it is needed most.