Senator Anderson supports grants for service providers

Today the Minnesota Senate passed over $20 million in funding for retention grants for home and community-based service providers. The pandemic brought about a significant loss of business to day service providers, employment service providers, and other similar entities. They were in dire financial straits as COVID-19 changed operating standards. They need these grants as they have had virtually no income over the last several months while their clients have been unable to gather at the facilities.

This bill designates two-thirds of one month of revenue to providers around the state. This will not make them whole as many have not been able to operate for months, but it will provide some stability as they overcome the financial strain of closures necessitated by COVID-19.

Additionally, another $10 million will also be appropriated from the coronavirus relief fund for disability service provider public health grants. With increased need for supplies, distancing standards, and transportation costs, this will ensure facilities have the resources they need to safely social distance when they are able to reopen.

“These programs make a huge difference in people’s lives and we could not allow them to be forgotten,” said Senator Bruce Anderson (R-Buffalo). “So many people utilize the services of these facilities to gain their own independence and cultivate their life and their community involvement. We advocated for these grants because these services are too valuable to too many people to let them fall to the wayside during this pandemic. We want them to have all the resources they need to keep serving the individuals in our community who need them most.”