Senator Anderson session preview

Friends and neighbors,

This week, the Senate reconvened for the 2020 session. We will focus on policy this year since last session we put together a responsible budget that will provide government funding for 2020-21. We recently released our agenda which includes healthcare affordability, government efficiency, tax cuts, and important initiatives for Greater Minnesota. We used your feedback to develop the foundation of our 2020 vision. Here are a few of the highlights:


Over interim, the Capital Investment Committee toured bonding project proposals around the state in order to determine critical needs. Bonding is a low interest loan to local units of government, and they must pay the money back to the state. Next session, the committee will select the projects that most urgently require funding. Earlier this year, I met with them at the Annandale City Administration building for presentations on the replacement of crucial sewer and water infrastructure as well as traffic and intersection improvements in our district. I will continue to advocate for these requests to be included in the bonding bill this year. It is our priority this year to make real improvements in communities across Minnesota without increasing taxes.


Minnesotans have expressed their frustration over the gas tax proposed by the Governor. Often, the argument made in favor of the gas tax is that funding is needed to keep up with road and bridge repairs. There are thousands of miles of infrastructure that still need improvements, and we are already making significant steps without raising taxes. Eliminating waste in government services such as MNLARS, childcare fraud, overspending by DHS, inequitable funding of school districts, and more, is allowing us to accomplish more for you without increasing your tax burden.

Government accountability and taxes

Improving government efficiency is freeing up more of your tax dollars to be spent on services that benefit you every day. Shrinking bureaucracy and eliminating wasteful spending means we can focus your dollars on the things that are most important to you like education and transportation. To add to the irresponsibility of wasteful spending, the government has also collected more taxes than our budget needs which has resulted in a $1.3 billion surplus of your tax dollars. We are going to get spending under control so you can keep more of your own money. We are committed to lowering taxes for all Minnesotans.

I see the challenges as I get back to work at the Capitol. I had a productive interim and spent time in our communities hearing your feedback. I am mindful of our district priorities and understand you want to see more responsible use of your tax dollars for better roads, superior education, and healthcare reform. I am ready to hit the ground running on these issues, and confident that much progress is our challenge.

For a complete list of our session priorities and how we are building on last year’s accomplishments, you can visit our website at

Please contact me with any questions or ideas at or 651-296-5981. I always appreciate hearing your feedback.


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