Senate Republicans stand strong on not raising taxes

Today Senate Republicans presented a second offer to Governor Tim Walz and Speaker Melissa Hortman to resume budget negotiations. The second offer included an additional $100 million in spending in two key areas: education and public safety. 

“We made a second offer today, and stuck true to our principles. We can fund the state’s priorities without increasing taxes,” said Senator Paul Gazelka. “My hope is that this offer will encourage Governor Walz and Speaker Hortman to reconsider their massive, $12 billion tax increase on hard-working Minnesotans.”

Senate Republicans remained committed to not increasing taxes in light of a million-dollar surplus and unexpectedly higher returns from income taxes in April. The offer splits the $100 million in spending with $75 million towards education and $25 million to public safety, two areas defined by the Minnesota Constitution as a core responsibility of state government.