Senate Republicans place spending priority on transportation

Senate Republicans criticized the DFL’s supplemental spending bill today and announced they will amend the bill on the floor to provide a one-time boost to transportation funding of over $450 million. The money will be focused on corridors of commerce, trunk highways and local roads and bridges in communities across the state. The Senate DFL bill spends $586.6 million in the current biennium and $644 in the next biennium, adding to the 5% increase in ongoing spending from the last biennium.
“Democrats continue to demand a 50% increase to the gas tax to fund basic road infrastructure, but when they have the opportunity to put surplus money toward roads and bridges, their priorities become crystal clear,” said Republican Leader David Hann. “With the end of session in sight and the Transportation Conference Committee dormant, this may be our only chance to provide funding for roads and bridges. Republicans refuse to leave St. Paul without a significant investment this year.”
Senator Carla Nelson
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