Senate Republicans announce deputy and assistant leaders

Senate Republicans today announced the addition of six leaders, including two deputy leaders and four assistant leaders.

Senator Michelle Benson (Ham Lake) and Senator Jeremy Miller (Winona) were appointed as Deputy Leaders. Sen. Benson held an Assistant Leader title and was Ranking Republican on the Health, Human Services, and Housing Committee in the previous biennium. Sen. Miller is a new addition to the leadership team this year, after serving as Ranking Republican on the Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee last biennium. 

Senator Gary Dahms (Redwood Falls), Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen (Alexandria), and Sen. Warren Limmer (Maple Grove) will continue their tenure as Assistant Leaders, all having served in the previous biennium. Senator Eric Pratt (Prior Lake) will also step up to serve as Assistant Leader. Sen. Dahms was the Ranking Republican on the Jobs, Agriculture, and Rural Development Committee, Sen. Ingebrigtsen was the Ranking Republican on the Natural Resources, Economic Development, and Agriculture Budget Division, and Sen. Limmer was the Ranking Republican in the Judiciary Committee in the previous biennium. Sen. Pratt served on various committees including the Commerce, Transportation, and Education Committees.

Last week Senate Republicans flipped the makeup of the Senate to a Republican majority with thirty-four members, including twelve new Senators-elect.

Senator Michelle Benson
Sen. Gary Dahms of Redwood Falls
Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen (R-Alexandria)