Sen. Draheim’s legislation increasing speed and flexibility of Minnesota’s vaccine rollout signed by Gov. Walz

On Wednesday, Senator Rich Draheim’s (R-Madison Lake) legislation allowing dentists to administer the flu and the COVID vaccine to patients with vaccine training was signed into law by Governor Walz.  The legislation is critical to Minnesota’s vaccination goals, giving the state and providers additional flexibility with its vaccination plan, particularly in rural communities.

“As the COVID vaccine becomes more readily available, we want to ensure that Minnesota and all its communities have the flexibility to administer the vaccine quickly in our communities,” Senator Draheim said. “Our state’s rollout has been rocky to date, but as we look to improve and begin to receive doses in larger quantities having additional administers will allow us to deliver the vaccine quickly, safely, and efficiently across the entire state. “

“Legislation like this allows Minnesotans of all parties to come together to do something to fight back against the pandemic,” Sen. Draheim continued. “It’s been a tough year, but moving forward, I know that Minnesotans can work together to develop strategies that will allow our state to safely and quickly remerge from this experience.”

The legislation passed with unanimous support in both the Senate and the House.

Current law allows for trained dentists to administer the flu vaccine to patients nineteen years old and over.  This bill enables dentists to administer the flu and the COVID vaccine to patients sixteen years old and above with vaccine training. 

At the front line of this pandemic since day one, Minnesota health care workers have fought this virus on all fronts. The challenges they have faced have been immense, and the workload has been overwhelming. By adding more providers, Minnesota is helping to ease some of their burdens.

Although currently there is a lack of available COVID vaccine in Minnesota, adding dentists to those able to administer the vaccine will increase accessibility as more vaccine becomes available. The CDC has recommended training more healthcare professionals to give the COVID vaccine to prepare for mass vaccinations.  According to the American Dental Association, twenty states currently allow dentists to administer the COVID vaccine.  Other states are also considering legislation to allow dentists to administer the COVID vaccine.