ROSEN: Disaster Relief Fund is not for Riots, Civil Unrest

Senator Julie Rosen (R- Fairmont) released the following statement upon notice that Governor Walz intends to nearly drain the state’s disaster relief fund to use for fire damage during the riots and civil unrest following George Floyd’s death:

“Using statewide taxpayer dollars for a local event that was completely preventable is an unconscionable ask of Minnesotans. It was up to Governor Walz and Mayor Frey to protect the city of Minneapolis and they failed. The disaster relief fund is for unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances, not riots and civil unrest. Walz is asking every Minnesotan who watched in horror as the city burned for three nights to pony up more of their tax dollars to bail out Minneapolis.    

“With a $4.7 billion deficit, it does not make fiscal sense to spend down our disaster relief fund- a fund we need to be readily available in case of a real disaster- when we will not be able to meet our day-to-day expenses. This move will affect the November Forecast, and the Governor should explain to Minnesotans across the state why he needs them to pay more in taxes over his mismanagement of public safety.” 

Senate Republicans reviewed the actions of the Walz Administration and Mayor Jacob Frey in hearings this summer. The result is a 61-page report that details the failures that unnecessarily lead to widespread damage and uncontrolled rioting. 

Attachments: DPS-HSEM State Disaster Assistance Letter; Hennepin County Disaster Assistance Letter: