“We overbuilt.”

Senate Republican Leader David Hann released the following statement regarding the new Capitol floor plan:
“We overbuilt.”
The new Capitol floor plan released today reveals a decrease of only 18,000 usable square feet from the current design. To solve this minor space problem, Gov. Dayton and Senate Democrats built a new 95,000 square foot building at a cost of $90 million. Republicans said all along it was unnecessary and will result in a glut of open office space in the Capitol complex.
  • Governor Dayton’s space will grow from 9,055 square feet to 16,034 with the addition of a new “Cabinet Room.”
  • A new Cass Gilbert Library will take up the entire East wing of the third floor.
  • Four Senators will have offices in the Capitol, even though the new Senate Office building will be designed for all 67 Senators.