Newly formed Family Care and Aging Committee reinforces Senate Republicans’ focus on family issues

Senate Republicans announced the formation of a new Family Care and Aging Committee that will focus on issues important to families in the 2019-20 biennium. The work of the current Aging and Long-Term Care Policy Committee will continue under the new committee, with Senator Karin Housley (R-St. Marys Point) leading as Chair.

“As I spent the summer and fall traveling the state, I routinely heard from moms and dads about the daily struggle juggling expensive and limited child care options, mental health concerns, caring for aging parents, and balancing demanding careers to provide the best life for their families,” said Sen. Housley. “Some are struggling to make ends meet, but many dual-income households that are doing well financially still have concerns about work/life balance and their ability to save enough to send their kids to college. I’m excited to put renewed focus on many of these issues that families care about.”

Other committee changes include:

  • Eric Pratt will chair the Jobs and Economic Growth Finance and Policy Committee, taking Sen. Jeremy Miller’s place after his election as Senate President.
  • Carla Nelson will chair a combined E12 Finance and Policy Committee.
  • Paul Anderson will step up as chair of the Higher Education Finance and Policy Committee.

“Senate Republicans accomplished incredible things this biennium, and we look forward to another historically productive two years,” said Majority Leader Paul Gazelka.