Legislative Update from Senator Ruud

The 2021 Legislative Session ended on Monday, as it was the Constitutional date of adjournment. There are budget agreements in place—however, the State Legislature will return for a Special Session sometime in June to finish its work.

I am pleased that we were able to end Session with clear budget agreements in place… there are budget targets that do not raise any taxes. We have full Payment Protection Program and Unemployment Insurance conformity tax relief for employers and employees. Also, we have broadband, transportation, education, and healthcare funding to support families across the state at school, work, and recreation.

All year, Senate Republicans have fought for COVID recovery—we wanted our schools and businesses to safely reopen, to prevent new taxes, and get Minnesotans back on the road to financial recovery. Regular Session ended—but we still have work ahead in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned for updates as we move forward.

Senate Stands for Minnesotans’ Medical Privacy Rights from Vaccine Passports
The Minnesota Senate took action to protect Minnesotans’ medical privacy rights from COVID-19 vaccine passports and contact tracing. The bill prohibits state and local units of government from mandating a person disclose their personal health status. The bill is in response to efforts by governments to obtain and track citizens’ private health information during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
“Many states have already banned vaccine passports, and Minnesota should absolutely be doing the same—health decisions are private, and the government has no right to regulate this personal data. Minnesotans deserve to know that we’re working to ensure their privacy and medical choices are protected from government overreach.”

Under the legislation, no person must be required to possess, wear, or display any indicator they received a positive or negative test result or possesses the antibodies for a communicable disease. Additionally, the Minnesota Department of Health is prohibited from forcing anyone to participate in contact tracing or digital contact tracing and Minnesotans cannot be compelled to get a vaccine or get a test for a disease.
Immunization Legislation
I have been receiving numerous call and emails on a specific immunization bill—and I want to make my stance very clear: I have NO INTENTION of supporting SF 2554/HF 2634, which would strike the immunization exemption and diminish parental rights. This is a ridiculous partisan bill that Senate Republicans will not entertain. Not now, not EVER.

Minnesota Environment Legacy Legislation
In 2008, Minnesotans voted for the Legacy Amendment so that we could protect our clean water, enhance habitats, preserve arts and cultural heritage, and protect and preserve our beautiful waterways. I am honored to Chair the Senate Environment Policy & Legacy Finance Committee. We have a great team that works hard and follows the constitutional guidelines when creating this important piece of legislation. A few week ago—for the first time in history, the Minnesota Senate passed the legacy bill with a unanimous vote 66-0. While the Minnesota House refuses to negotiate with the Senate for now—we are continuing to push the legacy bill forward for the Governor’s signature. The fact that the House is leaving the legacy bill in limbo is very disappointing!

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Carrie Ruud