Jasinski: Disaster Relief Fund is not for riots, civil unrest

Senator John Jasinski (R-Faribault) released the following statement today regarding Governor Walz’s intention to nearly drain the state’s disaster relief fund to use for fire damage during this summer’s riots and civil unrest in Minneapolis.

“The state’s disaster recovery account is meant to help our neighbors rebuild when their communities are destroyed by unforeseen natural disasters, like flooding, tornadoes, or straight-line winds,” said Senator Jasinski, who this summer participated in a series of Joint Committee hearings investigating the riots. “Under no circumstances should it be used when elected leaders fail to take the necessary steps to protect their communities from completely preventable violence.”

The Minnesota Senate this summer convened a series of Joint Committee hearings to review the actions of the Walz Administration and Mayor Jacob Frey. The result is a 61-page report that details the failures that unnecessarily lead to widespread damage and uncontrolled rioting.