Gazelka: Inability to make a decision will hamper learning

(ST. PAUL, MN) –  Statement from Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka on the lack of direction for schools provided today from MDE and MDH.

“Today’s announcement from the Minnesota Department of Education was a non-announcement. They are not making an actual decision until July 27th. Telling schools to plan for all three scenarios- opening in the fall, open with restrictions, and distance learning only- makes the situation clear as mud. The inability to make a decision will hamper learning for students in the fall.

“ICU beds are down, the death counts are trending lower, and we are not seeing the spike in cases after mass protests. The one-man rule over our state has got to end. Governor Walz should allow each district and school to make the decision that is best for them just like the colleges and universities have done.

“The Governor can’t possibly make the best decision for every parent and child, and this announcement today is evidence of that. Let the schools and the parents decide what’s best for their students.”