Data that closes bars should re-open schools

Senator Michelle Benson released the following statement on Governor Walz’ new COVID restrictions today: 

“The data-driven approach can be used not just to restrict activity, but to re-open safely. If there is data to prove bars and restaurants are major sources of transmission, we expect the data that shows elementary students are not major transmitters should be reviewed to safely resume in-person learning without putting the broader community at risk. 

“There is a double standard when you use transmission and super-spreader events as the reason to restrict activity at bars, and community spread as the reason to limit in-person learning. If we’re going to use data-driven decision making, we ought to be using the same data inputs to make decisions. 

“With the holidays coming up, it’s important we all find ways to celebrate that don’t knowingly put family members at risk and strain our healthcare system. Personal responsibility will do more than government mandates to help us recover our economy and keep people safe.”