Senator Andrew Mathews

Proudly representing Senate District 15
Communities in Benton, Kanabec, Mille Lacs, Morrison, Sherburne, and Wright counties

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Meet Senator Mathews

Senator Andrew Mathews was raised and currently resides in Milaca. Early in life, he did everything from working retail and farm work, to volunteering, ministry leadership, and missions work.

Mathews graduated from Bible School and obtained a pastor’s license, serving as pastor of a small local church. He also is a graduate of Oak Brook College of Law and worked as a federal veterans case worker.

Long before he could even vote, Mathews was very involved in public service, volunteering in local politics and serving as a page in the Minnesota State Legislature.



  • Vice Chair, Energy and Utilities Finance and Policy
  • Environment and Natural Resources Finance
  • Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Legacy Finance
  • Health and Human Services Finance and Policy
  • Local Government