Senator Weber supports bonding bill, tax cuts for main street businesses, increase public safety funding

On Thursday, Senate Republicans passed a government financing bill that included bonding, tax, and budget provisions for the entire state. The bill invests in Minnesota’s critical infrastructure providing $300 million for wastewater treatment and $700 million for roads and bridges. Additionally, the legislation includes $200 million in tax relief for small businesses and farmers.   

“The bonding bill passed today includes many critical infrastructure projects across the state – and I am pleased to see several important local projects funded in this legislation. By investing in our infrastructure Minnesota making a long-term investment in our state’s economy. These investments will not only improve quality of life across the state but provide jobs and economic development to the region,” said Senator Bill Weber (R-Luverne). “This is a good bill that focuses on what our state needs and will provide a boost to our economy as we recover from COVID-19.”

The legislation includes funding for a new building for the Ellsworth City Hall with multipurpose rooms and Public Works Shop after the previous town hall was destroyed in a fire on January 15, 2019. Additionally, the bill provides funding for Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water System and the Red Rock Rural Water System for new groundwater wells, water treatment plants, distribution pipelines, a water tower, and a pump station.

A top priority of Senate Republicans was Chapter 179 tax conformity for main street businesses and farmers. This change allows farmers and other small business owners to deduct large equipment purchases on their taxes that will stimulate the economy with investments in their operations.   

In the supplemental budget portion of the budget, public safety is prioritized. This week, Senate Republicans released a report highlighting the inaction from Walz resulted in an increase in destruction and violence during the riots. The bill does not provide funds to rebuild businesses that were damaged but reimburses state law enforcement agencies for their work in quelling the riots this summer. It also includes a pay raise to State Troopers.